Music Preview: Koffin Kats

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Frenzied bass, filthy punk-rock beats and a surprisingly catchy riff will keep the most sentient of mosh pits moving tomorrow when the Koffin Kats come to town with their toxic blend of booze, tattoos and psychobilly.

But what’s really different about the Kats is that they are pushing the musical envelope.

Psychobilly is known as a genre characterised by its lyrical references to science-fiction and horror movies, but this Detroit-based trio deal with the horrors of the real world.

From break-ups to booze-ups, the viscerally personal lyrics on their latest album Our Way & The Highway, subvert the conventions of the genre and speak of facing their own personal demons:

The bottle called and you can’t ignore, for it’s the last love you will ever adore’ from The Bottle Called shows how lead singer Vic Victor feels about the force of alcohol.

Having toured with psychobilly favourites Mad Sin, Nekromantix and The Meteors, and after more than a thousand shows and nearly a decade of performances, their live act is tighter than a gnats doo-da’s. 

Every show is a slick, sweaty sonic assault with Victor belting out the upright bass at breakneck speed, while Tommy Koffin abuses his thrash metal guitar, all backed up by Eric E Ball Walls punk-paced drums.

The Kats embark on the UK leg of a three-month European Tour, and you can expect the shows to be nothing less than loud, very loud. Ear plugs are definitely not recommended. Sarah Collier

April- June 2013 European tour

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